Art Painting Print Giclee Cuddly Lion
Cuddly Lion
by Milo Ballan

Wildlife Series

The majestic lion, one of the largest great cats (Tigers are the largest). There mane ranging in color from a rich golden brown to a deep blackish-brown are these animals mark of being King of Beasts. The lion's mane is the only variation among the felids, usually beginning a rapid development from a small tawny ruff at the age of two years old into a massive mass of hair extending from the neck area to the underside of the abdomen. In the context of pride structure and defense, the mane has clear functions and advantages. The male's mane increases his apparent size, serves as a visual indication of gender from long distances and adds to his aura during his strutting displays in front of females. The lion is the most social of all felids, setting them apart from all the other great cats. Life in the pride is a very tactile experience with a great deal of social grooming and rubbing of heads and bodies. The pride varies in size from a few as four individuals to as many as 40 and is composed of related lionesses, their offspring and one to six nomadic males. Though this species of felid is not presently threatened to become an endangered species much must be done to protect them and their environments. —Milo Ballan

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