Helping the Wife..
Today is a pretty good day, helped the wife with a few things, actually it was for my mom.

Back-story Laugh My wife owns and operates an Art / Photo printing business (Giclee Prints, Canvas, paper etc), a Art / Photo publishing business and an online art gallery. My mom (Barbara Sullivan her site is here) is an artist who paints in oils and is a client of my wife.

My mom wanted to give some of her small open edition art prints out for christmas, so we had to get these right out for her before christmas so that they can be send. Yes its being cut to the wire, but it is all done. What is left is a UV Coating to be applied and then for it to be mailed.

I brought down with me an art video on DVD but honestly I am feeling kinda beat now and may just veg a bit and listen to some music or an audio book till she takes me home.