MS Days...
Sorry I haven't gotten any of the art done that I wanted to start. Been having some MS days and when feeling good been helping the wife alot. Keep coming back cause its coming.
I think they should really ban Reverse Mortgages. They take in people who think it is so great, then when say a dip in housing which we know will pass they come back and say oh since your property has reached a lower value you owe us this much interest per month. It may cost my mom her house.

Anyone reading this who has a website or blog, Do a favor and point a link over to (If you want to get something in return then sign up for the affiliate program). Hopefully with your help we can get more traffic and get some of my moms prints sold.

We got a call from a friend who runs a ISP in fact who we get our wireless connection through that the office complex was flooded. The wife gets us in the car and we go down to see how bad it was, we got lucky however the offices on both end of the the compex both had frozen busted pipes, flooding them and the officess next to them. My wifes gallery / shop got a little water that came through the wall at the floor.

I think perhaps its when ever someone moves in *WINK* our first week we moved in the roof leaked from rain, one of the busted pipe office just moved in about a week or so ago.

Okay just an update.
Christmas Day..
Well we actually opened most of our christmas presents last night. I got a small assortment of items, but some very cool art books on fantasy things and some Holbein Aeroflash paints I have wanted since I went to Dru Blair's art workshop. So I really really have no excuses now. I can also compare them to the Iwata - Media Com-art Paints. I still need to get some Badger White since that is what was used at the workshop.

Something else has to be done for the workshop. A friend is gonna work on getting me some muffin type fans so I can change the way I vent near where I paint, for when I feel well enough to paint. Maybe I can get it well enough I can paint inside the house, The wife doesn't like me being out in the workshop esp after dark for me being okay.

Mostly waiting for people to come over to complete the day, the Kidlet is playing her new video games and other assorted items she recieved (she really loves the Dr. Who items).

I need to start adding photo's to this bog, I am still working out all I want to put here and which aspects here.
Helping the Wife..
Today is a pretty good day, helped the wife with a few things, actually it was for my mom.

Back-story Laugh My wife owns and operates an Art / Photo printing business (Giclee Prints, Canvas, paper etc), a Art / Photo publishing business and an online art gallery. My mom (Barbara Sullivan her site is here) is an artist who paints in oils and is a client of my wife.

My mom wanted to give some of her small open edition art prints out for christmas, so we had to get these right out for her before christmas so that they can be send. Yes its being cut to the wire, but it is all done. What is left is a UV Coating to be applied and then for it to be mailed.

I brought down with me an art video on DVD but honestly I am feeling kinda beat now and may just veg a bit and listen to some music or an audio book till she takes me home.