Playing in 3d
I am playing around with 3d as well now. It may be slow going here Happy I have been using some of the Daz products, I will follow this up with what I got. If you watch the Daz sales you can get some super bargains. And I have seen another program that I may have to add BUT I have to see what these will do first.

I started playing around a little with Carrara 6 trying to do too many things at once.. I can't do that like I used to so just doing a little at a time. I discovered Carrara has 'hair' settings. I think I am pondering if I should get the manual printed. I am also wondering about picking up a book thats out on this.

The hair is too long and I don't have the right colors it was a quick playing with, I may have to do each segment of the tail separately. But its interesting.

Krystal Starfox 3d Daz Carrara